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We are a full service Auto Body Collision Repair Center, capable of handling every make, model  and year vehicle on the market, including: Aluminum, High Strength Steel (HSS), Unibody Cars, Full Frames, Structural, and Nonstructural. We can handle fiberglass, carbon fiber, sheet molded compound (SMC). We’ll take care of everything from a scratch and ding to major collision, and we specialize in personal watercraft and motorcycle collision repair on all makes and models.


We do collision, mechanical, suspension, electrical, glass, and interior. We handle everything to put your car back to pre-accident condition with a lifetime warranty! We are I-Car and ASE certified. The latest trend in the automotive industry is the aluminum body, and it will be the future. We’ve already got it covered. We have a designated room in a controlled environment to repair the delicate aluminum bodied vehicles back to their original factory specs.


We apply an urethane base coat and clear coat paint to all our vehicles with factory matched color. All this is layered over self-etch primer, topped by a 2k urethane primer and epoxy sealer, giving you the ultimate finish and protection against corrosion: a long lasting appearance and gloss guaranteed for the life of the vehicle.


All this is done in a controlled environment, in our down draft spray booth, to prevent dirt and contaminants from damaging your new paint job. You will love our finished product!


Framework is our specialty–our love and passion. It is the precision base for a quality repair. We replace or repair the structure of the car back to the factory specifications by the manufacturer guidelines and the industry standard (I-Car) guidelines.


All this is done on our Brewco frame rack in conjunction with our laser alignment to make your car handle and drive as good as new.


Caught in a hail storm or parking lot door ding? This process requires no paint work and is done right here at the shop ON SITE we are here to take care of all of your PDR needs with personal or insurance claims. Size and location are always an important factor so stop by and let us give you a free estimate and tell you how we can remove that annoying dent



Corey Clouser (PDR specialist)




For vehicles suffering glass damage due to collisions, we replace any and all glass with quality replacement or factory glass. We do this in our professional glass facility and out of the element to allow for a proper fitment in a temperature controlled environment. This insures a quality and long lasting install. All glass work is done by appointment only, so please call ahead before you bring your vehicle in.


Every car we repair comes with a complimentary light interior clean and hand washing. But when you need the ultimate clean and shine, we got you covered with our full detailing service. We touch up imperfections, buff exterior panels, removing tar, over sprays, and paint contaminants. Then we apply a wax coat to your finish, making it look the best that it can be. We detail the interiors from top to bottom,  refreshing its natural looks. Then we apply protectant to keep it safe and long lasting. There are many levels of detailing, so come by, and we will assess your individual vehicle needs and give you the desired look you deserve.

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